Shuttl to the rescue!


It’s been raining cats and dogs; almost literally. While memes and jokes on Gurgaon are taking over the internet, the fact remains that the issue is quite serious. The MET department has projected more rainfall. At Shuttl we don’t encourage our customers to chant “Rain, rain go away” and neither do we want to steal the occasional monsoon’s thunder.

Although rain-soaked Gurgaon is not a pretty site, one cannot help but feel shocked by the monstrous size of the traffic jam. Thursday  (28th July) was difficult and having to overcome a 20-hour jam is not a waltz in the park. However, at Shuttl we believe such occurrences can be avoided and hence we are calling out all commuters to avail Shuttl
What have you got to lose? If you are stuck in a jam, at least you get stuck in an AC bus with comfortable seats! And if you are not then you travel to work and back in comfort with convenience. Days like Thursdays don’t come often but if they do, rest assured Shuttl will be there to bail you out. So, take the Shuttl, skip the puddle.
At your service always.


Oddly even Delhi embraces a better way to commute

Oddly even Delhi embraces a better way to commute

Commuting in the capital city and around has always been a gamble. Traffic being the first bone of contention, followed by how so many cars on the road could be great for the environment.

But change doesn’t come easy.

So when it was first proposed the city huffed and it puffed.

And then it smiled.

The odd/even rule brought about a (not-so) surprising reaction. Who wouldn’t love a drive on open clean roads, reach office right in time for an easy cup of tea and generally feel good about oneself finally contributing to a healthier tomorrow?

And if you thought it wouldn’t get better than this, be ready to be pleasantly surprised.

We at Shuttl hope to make the second coming of odd/even oddly even better. (Please excuse the pun. We’re so excited!). We’re adding 31 more routes to an already existing 100 route offering. That is a brilliant 30% increase in routes!

All you need to do is leave your car behind, #TakeASeat and #ShuttlIt

Oddly easy. Even the critics would agree. Eventually.

Happy Shuttling to you.

Easier Shuttl Payments with MobiKwik

Easier Shuttl Payments with MobiKwik

We at Shuttl always love to give more options to our customers.

We offer you an option of multiple time slots. We offer you an option to reschedule your booking. We offer you an option to choose from a 100+ routes!

Then why do we give you only one option to pay? We are more than glad to announce our partnership with MobiKwik. Now you can recharge your Shuttl wallet with MobiKwik, apart from the existing options.

We have always loved being cashless. Saves your time and makes your travel hassle free.

Our current offers are constant! You get 500 credits for Rs. 450 & 1200 credits for Rs. 1000. The Cherry on the cake is that you get 25% CASHBACK on your first recharge through MobiKwik.

You can use that cashback to recharge your mobile, pay your bills and do everything you can at MobiKwik. We will also be launching specific offers from MobiKwik from time to time, so keep checking the app for the same.

We hope Shuttl is helping you change the way you perceive public transit. We yearn to only get better as we go. Please use the ‘Suggest a Route’ option on the Shuttl App to include newer routes suitable to you. When you refer us to a friend, both of you get two free rides!

Stay warm, Delhi!

Happy Shuttling to you.


Thank You For #1MillionRides!

Thank You For #1MillionRides!


Even before turning one, Shuttl has completed 1 million successful rides across Delhi-NCR in a record 194 days only! A BIG Thank You to each and everyone of you!

Milestones like these are valuable but what really brings us joy is to see how we’re all waking up to the power that rests in our hands – the power to lead our cities to a healthier future by commuting wisely.

It’s gratifying to see the Shuttl community evolve from an intra-city to a pan Delhi-NCR public transit service. Currently, 50% of our users board their Shuttl from Gurgaon, the business haven of NCR, 33% from Noida, and 17% from rest of Delhi NCR.

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What’s the big deal about (quitting) cars?

What’s the big deal about (quitting) cars?

All this noise about Delhi govt’s recent #OddEven rule could leave anyone with a sane mind, well, confused!

If you go through , you’ll see that we’ve been looking at the new policy, and more importantly at the underlying monstrous problem from a completely logical stand-point. By observing world trends as closely as the local ones, we’ve made sure to keep your personal point of view central to our study.

By applying a bottom-up approach to our research, we’re analysing the problem rather than merely analysing the solutions. We’ve divided our observations into 4 broad points and they’re as follows:

  1. The problem: Are cars really as harmful as they say?

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Jasola Commute Solved!

Jasola Commute Solved!

We have now made Jasola more approachable and more connected than ever before. To all office goers in Jasola, living near or far, you now have a reliable Shuttl.

Jasola is now connected to Noida City Centre, from where you can change a Shuttl to reach rest of Noida and also have a dedicated route to Greater Noida.

ODDorEven Newwww_5

(Click here for detailed route maps to/from Jasola)

You are connected to the rest of Delhi via direct routes: Dwarka and Uttam Nagar in West Delhi, Vasant Vihar in South Delhi, and Laxmi Nagar in East. We also have comprehensive coverage in Gurgaon as well. Just board a Shuttl from Jasola to Sikanderpur, and you can reach rest of Gurgaon viz. Palam Vihar, Huda City Centre and Sohna Road through our extensive route network.

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The seeds for a greener Delhi-NCR have been sowed!

The seeds for a greener Delhi-NCR have been sowed!

Shuttl’s been showered with a lot of love and happy feedback from you in the past few months. It’s proved to be both inspiring and heart-warming for us. So we decided to take to the streets of Gurgaon/Noida/Delhi in the first week of January and plant some more seeds of a greener love with you. If you weren’t there, here’s how it all went!

We’re all riding towards a healthier Delhi-NCR with fewer cars and safer commute. The smartest way to get to work is when you help your city breathe again and save money while you’re at it. We hope these saplings will remind you of us and empower you to keep on contributing towards a healthier city!

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