A moment to renew our resolve. Shuttl wins Ashden Award 2018

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More than 3 years ago, two dreamers set out on an audacious journey to solve the problem of congestion & pollution in urban cities of India. They saw how 20% of the people in cars occupied 80% of the road space. They witnessed how women were forced to endure harassment in overcrowded metros & buses.

We believed that the solution lies in providing an affordable, clean and comfortable mode of commute. Not many believed us. They wondered how a bootstrapped startup could afford to run a service which even the government needs vast funds to operate. But as they say, dreamers see what others don’t.

We launched our services with a single Innova. On the first day, 12 people took a ride and as if by magic, we had served office rides to 100 people in a week. We knew we were solving a real pain. Slowly more people starting believing in our vision and a small team of 5 grew into a passionate team of 100 in a few months. Everyone focused to solve for the pain of commute.

Challenges were so many, that it was easy to lose hope. But recognition along the way kept our spirits high. When we received the ConnectKaro Award for sustainable urban transportation in just a year, we knew our service model was sound. After receiving the Safest Commute award from FICCI in 2017, we knew our features were helping women in a big way. But an international recognition was way out of our dreams.

Recognition by Ashden is something we didn’t expect would happen so early in our journey. It still feels surreal to go to London and being recognized as a solution not just for India, but for every congested city in the world. The real thank goes to our customers, who always expect more from us and keep pushing us to outdo our own expectations.

The Ashden Award for Sustainable Urban Mobility has renewed our resolve to solve for commute pain for every office goer in India today and the world tomorrow.

84 thoughts on “A moment to renew our resolve. Shuttl wins Ashden Award 2018

  1. Was driving from years since I was intern but shuttle really helped in daily commutation to office…i feel good for myself that I’m also contributing to our nation in controlling carbon foot prints.


  2. Really an awesome experience for a hassle free safe commuting.. keep growing.. !! & expand your services & frequency across NCR


  3. Shuttl has really solved my daily travel to office at a much cheaper and convenient way. Thanks for your excellent and on time service.


  4. Great innovative idea. You have come a long way towards achieving the goal. Strive to beat your targets and sustain your position.


  5. Good congrats , but need to improvise the shuttle frequency it will help many other person too , bcz when I try to book a ride I will chasing for it ,anyway congrats once again


    1. Congratulations for acheivement!
      Shuttl is doing a great Job! I would expect start Shuttl from Laxminagar to JMD route.


  6. Since Dec’16 I m using Shuttle, it is the excellent service helps Alot to commute to my office daily, Thanks Shuttle Team. This is the Great Idea. Keep Rocking Team.


  7. This quality service is not possible without a passionate team. Congratulations to the passionate team Shuttl!!!
    And a big thanks to make our lives easier.


  8. Great experience shuttl is very helpful for every one.mostly female those who are used in public vehicle change at least two three times vehicle and attend to their jobs.but now its a very comfortable of every users.


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