At Shuttl, we always balance work and play & this time we decided to launch our own cricketing league a-la IPL style! We have had sports days before, but we added days of meticulous planning & a gradual build up to this cricket-specific league called Shuttl Premier League (SPL). Player auctions were scheduled a week before the tournament, and captains were assigned. They were given a chance to choose their own team, subject to a budget cap of virtual money. Each player was worth a certain amount of that virtual money which was decided on the basis of the self-assessment of the players. A high energy auction followed, which involved a lot of cross-bidding and high-intensity, competitive negotiations, something that comes naturally to Shuttlrs.

The week that followed was full of excitement, with newly made teams using chai breaks to strategize. Since most of the cricket teams were across the various functional teams in Shuttl, a lot of new bonds were formed. Sledging was taken to a level that would put the Australian cricket team to shame 🙂

Each team created their own branding, logos and team names which were hilarious to begin with. The first match was between Alia Ke Deewane & Gangs of Shuttl to give you a flavor of our in-house creativity.


The matches were a nail biting adventure, with the commentators giving the match strong competition in terms of entertainment value. Shit got serious after the league rounds. The not so great performers were wiped out and the vibes changed from fun to competitive since the semifinals. Now best teams pitched against one another.


However, another pitch was also undergoing heated action, with a food truck facing aggressive fielding around it. Despite being surrounded, it constantly delivered snacks and delivered an overall great performance. It stood like Dravid till the end of the match. However, it goes by the name of “Simply Saucy” in the food industry.

At the end of this long journey, Alia ke Deewane emerged as winners of Shuttl Premier League 2017. *Drum Roll* They were able to take home the winning trophy and the bragging rights for one whole year.

Winning Team’s Mascot. They swear that the pictures are real.

The award ceremony was held a week later in our office premises where the best and worst of performers were awarded with equal enthusiasm. Somehow, the winners of Ghanta Awards (worst performers) seemed more happy than the best performers. Some Team Owners learnt more about their best and worst investments in the team, and went back wiser for next year.

The entire Shuttl Team looks forward to the next team outing, and also the next edition of Shuttl Premier League next year!

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