Shuttl to the rescue!


It’s been raining cats and dogs; almost literally. While memes and jokes on Gurgaon are taking over the internet, the fact remains that the issue is quite serious. The MET department has projected more rainfall. At Shuttl we don’t encourage our customers to chant “Rain, rain go away” and neither do we want to steal the occasional monsoon’s thunder.

Although rain-soaked Gurgaon is not a pretty site, one cannot help but feel shocked by the monstrous size of the traffic jam. Thursday  (28th July) was difficult and having to overcome a 20-hour jam is not a waltz in the park. However, at Shuttl we believe such occurrences can be avoided and hence we are calling out all commuters to avail Shuttl
What have you got to lose? If you are stuck in a jam, at least you get stuck in an AC bus with comfortable seats! And if you are not then you travel to work and back in comfort with convenience. Days like Thursdays don’t come often but if they do, rest assured Shuttl will be there to bail you out. So, take the Shuttl, skip the puddle.
At your service always.


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