Shuttl’s been showered with a lot of love and happy feedback from you in the past few months. It’s proved to be both inspiring and heart-warming for us. So we decided to take to the streets of Gurgaon/Noida/Delhi in the first week of January and plant some more seeds of a greener love with you. If you weren’t there, here’s how it all went!

We’re all riding towards a healthier Delhi-NCR with fewer cars and safer commute. The smartest way to get to work is when you help your city breathe again and save money while you’re at it. We hope these saplings will remind you of us and empower you to keep on contributing towards a healthier city!

2015 was all about getting 10,000 skillful and focused professionals to work on time, everyday. For 2016, our plan is to make work-commute hassle-free for many more of you. Subscribe to our Facebook page to know what else is cooking in the hustle bustle of Shuttl town.

To the green folk of Delhi-NCR – Happy Shuttling!

To the rest of India – have a Happy Year & we’ll see you soon!


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