If you feel that commuting to work every day is the worst thing about having a job then you’re not alone. Our co-founder, Amit Singh agrees with you and so do a majority of other talented professionals of a young and thriving India.

Did you know that cars carry only 3% of the total population of a city yet occupy 200% of the space on roads! Buses, on the other hand, are the most space AND cost efficient mode of transport available to us. But they aren’t smart enough.

By making public transport smarter, Shuttl is improving the way we commute. Imagine your city sans traffic jams and pollution – we’re making it happen!

Operational in Delhi-NCR, currently Shuttl takes 10,000 people to work every day on 15,000 comforting, safe and affordable rides plying on 60+ routes. What’s better is that you can get a new route rolling by using the ‘suggest route’ option on the Shuttl App.

With a fresh round of funding worth $20 mn, we’ve launched our mighty Tech forces into creating refined solutions to the commute problem by means of cutting-edge technology and data sciences. Deepanshu Malviya, Co-founder, Shuttl, believes that the time for unintelligent public transport is up. “All our engineers and data scientists here are working ruthlessly towards creating the most efficient public transport travel app the world has ever seen. We’ve been on track for just 10 months so far and the achievements have been uncanny”, he says.

If you think you can handle all this excitement and deliver promising results, come, work with us! You can send-in an email to careers@shuttl.com.

Here are the links to download our awesome Shuttl app: Android | iOS

Happy Shuttling!

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